Royalty Pesach

Where will you be for Pesach?
Pesach 5777-2017 is rapidly approaching, and you can be one of the coveted few families who participates in our ROYALTY ESTATES PESACH program in Orlando, Florida.

Imagine the inspiration, enjoyment, and pampering your family can experience for this important Chag when you avail yourselves of our customized villa-mansion vacation getaway. Spending Pesach in a large private property enables the ultimate high-touch five-star vacation versus being in your regular home environment with its endless distractions or in a hotel or resort without the anonymity, exclusivity, coddling, and confidentiality. You want to make this occasion a meaningful lifetime experience.

We offer two options: 

1) RENT ONLY: We provide the Kashering of the house for Pesach (except barbecues), a Minyan within walking distance (not more than 15 minutes), an Eruv, and all the hospitality services you would expect from a five star resort.  

2) PRIVATE CHEF & SERVICE CREW (recommended for larger families and larger homes) dedicated to your family. Sedarim in your home (all non Gebrocht), customized menus, special diets, etc. all done real time by a world-class chef.
We offer the highest standards in Glatt Kosher Hashgacha.

Choose from the few homes left! Please take a moment to fill out our online questionnaire (if you haven't already) and join our program now.

14 Bedrooms | 14.5 Bathrooms | Sleeps 34 | Home Theater
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